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November 15, 2012
The Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism has recently recognized "ner group" as Innovative Business Association (AEI) within their specific program after being ranked as Excellent in the Special Register of the Ministry of AEI.

This recognition, besides being a major boost to the activities from ner group, also means the ability to access funds and grants from the Ministry and the expansion of the network of relationships and contacts with other groups equally recognized as innovative.
In fact, ner group has been funded in 2012 by the Ministry for an amount of 54,233 euros to fund and support public resources innovation strategies and business competitiveness developed by the organizations that make ner group.

These development activities for the promotion of innovation and competitiveness include:
• Technical personnel costs involved in the various projects implemented by ner group and its partner organizations.
• Cover the costs of travel and accommodation for the personnel involved in the projects "ner group" and its partner organizations.
• Other operating expenses related to the nature of the partnership and coordination.