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November 15, 2012
First trade mission "ner group" to Mexico: during week 47, from 19 to 24 November, six projects from different sectors (EKIN, Panelfisa, GRIP-ON-PACK WALTER, ZUBIOLA and ESTUDIO.K) form part of the joint mission, in which is to contact different leads, and leverage the synergies arising from the contacts that have different projects with clients and governments of different states.
In this mission, and Koldo Saratxaga mediation, we contacted the University of Puebla, and we materialized a meeting with the Head of the Department of R & D, where by ner group will make a presentation of the new style of relations: what is and how it is applied, and by the University will bring together several local business people who will be part of the exhibition to make about the NER.
Moreover, each of the projects will have the opportunity to present their products at the meeting.