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November 29, 2012
At its meeting on November 27, Team Commitment to Society of ner group has approved the project "welcome, educate and train immigrants without resources." The project has been endorsed by 12 of the 16 organizations participating in the Team and presented two volunteers to participate in this idea.
This project aims to provide knowledge, skills and different tools to train these immigrants, to be autonomous development of their lives and subsequent integration.

Is selected the group of immigrants coming mostly from Magrev, considering them after collecting data on the most disadvantaged, being the dominant profile: unemployed person, without papers, without housing, difficulties in obtaining housing contract, with difficulty level understanding of communication, without social networking, and hard to access social benefits. The idea, joining forces with Caritas Goierri,'d intended to alleviate the dire need of these people.

The action will be developed in the Shire of Goierri (Gipuzkoa) and volunteers develop any of these activities: teaching languages ​​Basque and Castilian, horticulture (education and training for people in need end up producing for their own support) plus the host, this liability valuable.