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November 06, 2012
Yesterday November 5 began to develop in the village - agritourism Beasain Pagorriaga the idea "the Rural, a Source of Health".
To implement this idea we have joined Nekatur (Association of agritourism and farmhouses of Euskadi), the team Osanatur professionals (psychologists, educators, therapists, practitioners of natural horsemanship and equine, canine training professionals, etc. ), the Provincial Government, specifically the Department of Social Policy who coordinated the selection of people who will receive the intervention, and ner group, which is involved with a volunteer who has joined the team at Osanatur.
This person received a week of training in August to make contact with the rest of the team, analyze and learn the methodology ATEAN (Educational Therapeutic Activity with Animals and Nature) and acquire greater autonomy of action, in addition to acquiring skills that facilitate empathic performance and relationship with people who are receiving therapy.
The target group of the action consists of 8 women who have experienced abuse (domestic violence)
Therapeutic intervention to be performed intensively for two and a half weeks from 5 to Nov. 21 main objective the improvement of mental health, physical and emotional of these women, and learn to cope emotionally to extrapolate this learning to their everyday lives and relationships thereby helping to improve their quality of life.