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November 06, 2012
Ner group plans to end 2012 with a net increase of 8% of employment, reaching 1,750 people as a whole.
• The total turnover in 2012 will exceed 326 million euros, 19% more than in the previous year.
• In addition, the substantial improvement in the efficiency of group ner organizations will end 2012 with a positive performance of almost 16 million euros, which is more than double the previous year's results.
• Currently 16 organizations composed ner group and another 8 are in the final process of incorporation, which has a total of 24.
Organizations belonging to ner group, an association that began in October 2010, expect to close the year 2012 with a net increase in employment of 8% and an improvement in turnover of 19% which will mean overcoming the 326 million together. Also provide a substantial increase in the results due to the significant improvement in the efficiency of such organizations.
ner group organizations will be integrated by the end of 2012 for a total of close to 1,750 people representing a net increase of 8% over the previous year and a total employment generation, taking into account the replacement of pensions and voluntary redundancies, just under 200 people.
A primary characteristic that differentiates ner group, is solidarity between all participants in the different organizations in order to maintain employment no matter how difficult the situation. This has allowed in any of the ner group organizations has had to make redundancies for economic or financial problems. Overall there was even a major rebound in hiring, which we determined to remain consistent with our values ​​and strengthens our confidence and determination in the face of new and growing challenges.
In addition, the total turnover of all the organizations has grown by 19% during 2012, so the year-end forecast is above 326 million euros, a figure very important given the enormous difficulties and uncertainties in which we are moving internationally.
In turn, the overall performance of the organizations that make ner group will reach the figure of 16 million euros, which will mean a generation of almost 5% of turnover and results widely duplicate of 2011 that did not make the 7 million euros. This has occurred mainly due to the advancement in the efficiency of the different organizations and the collective effort and determination of the people in them. Furthermore, it is noteworthy that 60% of group ner organizations get better results this year last year 2011.
These global data set ner group does not hide the difficulties that some organizations are suffering in recent years, especially those linked to sectors such as construction or those whose main market was the state. Difficulties we are trying to overcome with high doses of solidarity, flexibility and commitment between people and the whole ner group.
In developing ner group this year we highlight some facts especially important: first the consolidation of the cooperative Ampo with growth of almost 40% in revenues and tripling the previous year's results, on the other hand the implementation of Ekin in India through a joint venture with local company Saluja Tools, being with Walter Pack and Ampo, the third ner group organization with a stable presence in India which has led to the creation of ner India to be held in the coming weeks .
Also noteworthy is the presence of ner group in Mexico: in the coming days, a representation of seven organizations, will participate in various meetings and gatherings, relationships and knowledge linking customers to visit and contact of common future relations with the University and employers Puebla.
Also during this period, ner group has launched Fondaki SIP-ner, the first public intelligence service in Europe, the second business project emerged directly from the group after the launch of Lur Denok devoted to orchards and organic food.
Finally, it is also worth highlighting the activity of the commitment to society team of ner group who is currently developing 23 projects of a social nature with a fund of more than half a million euros and dedication of nearly a hundred of volunteers from different organizations of ner group.
About ner group:
ner group currently encompasses a total of twenty-four Basque organizations in many different sectors, sizes and shapes based on the "New Style Relationships" promoted by Koldo Saratxaga and K2K Emocionando team. Of these, eight are in the final phase of incorporation, and sixteen are founding members of the association: Ampo, Asesoría Torrealday, Ekin, Estudio K, Fraz, Grip-On, GHZ, Icaza, Ikena, K2K Emocionando, Kondia, Lancor, Lejarreta Seguridad, Lizuan, Oñatiko Udala, Oriamendi, Panefilsa, Royde, Sarein, Tecnogourmet, TTT Goiko, Urtxintxa, Walter Pack y Zubiola