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October 09, 2012
Since last Thursday, September 27 we started distributing the first baskets with products from our vegetable garden.

The first lucky they have received in the ner project they chose as the first delivery point baskets with seasonal produce from our vegetable garden: zucchini (white and green), lettuce (green and red oak leaf) and pods, complete with products Gumendi Project: tomatoes, peppers, onions and carrots.

Moreover, we have already received in Astigarraga all organic products produced as wine, cheese, oil, honey, rice and macaroni. He shall be delivered in the coming days.

Furthermore, as you know, is open a campaign to recruit new members, and we are 187. In this newsletter we encourage you to make you partners that ye have not.

You are all invited to visit the vegetable garden of Lur Denok Astigarraga.