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October 23, 2012
In Ekin, the proposed Social Council and all the people have approved a number of interesting initiatives in order to reduce the use of private cars in the movement of Ekin people to their place of work, and that with a double objective: first to contribute to greater environmental sustainability and otherwise free parking space in the grounds of Ekin.

The measures taken are varied: the Organization has acquired seven electric bikes that are used by people of Ekin to reach the factory from their homes, thus avoiding the use of private vehicles, car sharing is also encouraged by paying a premium for shift those who come together in one vehicle, and finally, also subsidizes the use of public transport to people who use it instead of your particular car.

On the whole are about 35 people participate directly in any of these ways, having freed a dozen parking spaces and more than 150,000 km of avoided car use per year

On the other hand, Icaza, analyzed movements (sales calls and visits to projects) that its people develop within Bilbao, proving that many efforts were short-lived and the walk was not efficient and use the car was not sustainable. They have therefore decided to incorporate a bicycle to help them better manage these displacements.

They have also seen that could be a marketing element to move around different areas of the city (moving and parked), so we have placed with the distinctive logo and web address de Icaza, besides having it visible in the window of the store.