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October 23, 2012
Andres Lalanne is Coordinator of the Department of Innovation and Development of the Latin American Human Economy in Uruguay and leader of a network of business angels specializing in dynamic entrepreneurship.

In his visit to Bilbao in 2010 made ​​contact with K2K and ner group. Since that time, interest in the new style of relations has deepened as he tells us in the preface of the book he has written on his last visit to the Basque Country: "This motivated me to return toEuskadi but already in fact-finding mission to meet directly with the protagonists and demonstrable results. This took shape in late February 2012 for ten very intense days where I participated in a meeting of the group ner and met with members of K2K and people from nine companies that apply the NER. The story that follows attempts to expose the reader faithfully what people told us. A video of the experience is in

All people of ner group dedicate this book with deep appreciation for the simple, open and warm way with which I was received and provided all information requested."

This publication is available on the group website http://www ner / en-us / publications / libros.aspx